Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Mabrook, Theopisti!!!

Sooooo.. ArtHome at ARC news.. Theopisti has landed an exhibition at Darb 1718 in April!!!! Mabrook Theopisti!!! I introduced her there and Moataz liked her work and thought it would fit in with an upcoming show. Her and her husband, Sheridan, have gone to Alexandria for two days now and I am musing as to whether to go to the oasis.. hmmmmm.. Other than this there will be a Japanese writer, Azumi, coming to stay in April and inbetween artists I will be scoring more funky bedsheets, household plants and fairy lights :-)

I met Hamdy Reda from Artellewa a few days ago. Amira (Hanafi - artist who stayed weeks ago) brought him round and we had a great chat. I'll go over there in a few days with Theopisti; maybe she'll get another show! Maybe I will! But it was good to talk with Hamdy about the residency as he is experienced in the arts and venues (having one of his own)and I left the conversation feeling that expansion for ArtHome at ARC is definitely available.

DOGMA screenings have been at Darb 1718 all week and I only managed to see the first one; if there is one tonight I think I will go!!!

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