Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Talking Bout a Revolution

Dear World

Hopefully Egypt is on the point of change as huge numbers of people are marching for political and social freedom. Yesterday took maybe even Egyptians by surprise at the volume of protesters out there and it goes on, in spite of severe attacks by police and intimidation tactics. This is a country where 'worra el shams' /'behind the sun'has a sinister meaning; where there is still a list of 'the disappeared' growing. Listen to this audio clip by Jack Shenker, a journalist for the Guardian living here in Cairo and a friend of mine. It is chilling stuff.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

More New Residents at ARC

The novelist Sherry Jones and the classical composer Robert Spittal left early this morning after a stay of 12 days. We didn't see much of them in their time here as they were out and about so much but I held a literary salon for Sherry with a host of Egyptian writers and we also had a trip down to the Zar at MAKAN.

The next guests will be:

Zsofia Balogh - a dancer from Hungary

Christina Stjernholm Nygaard - a dancer from Norway

Madeleine Aleman - an artist from Sweden

Monika Nguyen - a stage designer and artist from Austria working in the fields of spatial installation and photography.

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