Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Mabrook, Theopisti!!!

Sooooo.. ArtHome at ARC news.. Theopisti has landed an exhibition at Darb 1718 in April!!!! Mabrook Theopisti!!! I introduced her there and Moataz liked her work and thought it would fit in with an upcoming show. Her and her husband, Sheridan, have gone to Alexandria for two days now and I am musing as to whether to go to the oasis.. hmmmmm.. Other than this there will be a Japanese writer, Azumi, coming to stay in April and inbetween artists I will be scoring more funky bedsheets, household plants and fairy lights :-)

I met Hamdy Reda from Artellewa a few days ago. Amira (Hanafi - artist who stayed weeks ago) brought him round and we had a great chat. I'll go over there in a few days with Theopisti; maybe she'll get another show! Maybe I will! But it was good to talk with Hamdy about the residency as he is experienced in the arts and venues (having one of his own)and I left the conversation feeling that expansion for ArtHome at ARC is definitely available.

DOGMA screenings have been at Darb 1718 all week and I only managed to see the first one; if there is one tonight I think I will go!!!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Rooftops, Fire & Leopard Spots

Last night I went to the Rooftop Studio downtown with mon amour and the two resident artists staying here at the moment; Thomasina and Roland. It was a Collaborative Multichannel Video Installation called 'Windows'in collaboration with the Townhouse and AUC. The space down at (or should I say 'up at')the Rooftop is fantastic; really spacious with a big roof terrace and various indoor studio spaces. Ahmed Hosny, the initiator of this project, and I, talked about mutually beneficial ways of working as the Rooftop has studio space but is non residential and I have residential space but limited studio space. 'Windows' was presented well and gave a feel of something edgy; the Rooftop is one to watch most definitely.

As we were about to leave (wanting beer at Stella bar)I noticed a fire and smoke coming from the roof a building opposite; it was the Hyatt and I have no idea what the story was but it certainly led people's attentions away from the video screens and towards the city skyline!

Next week sees a week of DOGMA films being screened at Darb 1718; an event I am looking forward to attending and the next ArtHome at ARC residents; Theopisti and Sheridan arrive midnight tomorrow; their leopard print bed awaits them!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Cairo Variations

Cairo! If it doesn't kill you it will make you :-)

Thomasina and Roland are on the 3rd day of their residency and yesterday I took them over to Darb 1718 and after looking at the latest exhibition and the art space they then walked around the potters' area (they themselves are potters). They are uncoiling to the pace of Cairo; it can take time; and another hot water plumbing problem here at ARC has been a 1st hand taste for them in Cairo infra-structure and working practice :-)

Theopisti Stylianou - photographer and her husband, Sheridan, a writer arrive Thursday night for a stay of 12 days. You can look at Theopisiti's work on:

Last night I went to a dinner hosted by the director of the arts division of the British Council in Cairo and met some great people and built some links for ARC. The wine was also good and a lovely change from my usual Omar Khayyim brand :-)

So... I sit waiting for the plumber.. and working on editing a private student's novel and tonight I have my Tuesday writing class and then an opening show at Rooftop Studio, downtown.

Friday, 12 March 2010

New News

Hello, World!

Yesterday I met with Amira and accompanied her on one of her walks for her project. We met at 6pm and a dusty wind was granulating through the streets; a contrast to the stationary heat that day. I think I was too preoccupied by all the things I have to do to fully 'be' on the walk but it was lovely to step out of the clamour of downtown and onto Zamalek and relative quiet. Remmember you can keep up with Amira's walk via her web page.

Other than this I have been working with my writing groups (see my other page for more personal info: ) and then next Saturday two potters from Cornwall; Thomasina Bates and Roland Bence arrive for one week's residency and then the Saturday after Theopisti Stylianou,a Cypriot photographer, and her writer husband will come for two weeks. They will be followed by Anne Devine and Tinka Bechert who will work throughout April on their project involving walking and text inspired by the Giza plateau. Then May brings a family of four who will be exploring Cairo for two weeks as part of a grand tour.

Busy times ahead indeed!

Monday, 8 March 2010

7 Days On..

and Amira Hanafi leaves tomorrow after her one week residency. She has been taking some brilliant photographic documentation of the city during her walking art project and meeting some real characters.

I have been beautifying ArtHome ARC and working with existing and new writing students; as well as dealing with a plethora of day to day domestic issues concerning the flat.

I will take photos soon and upload them and the next artists arrive 20th March!