Friday, 9 November 2012

Paris, Rome, Berlin and Elsewhere!

Dear Community, I want to build some contacts in Paris, Berlin and Rome (though could be other places too!).
I am thinking to go to another country next year and it would be great to meet up with other writers (and other artist mediums) and venues.
I would like to deliver Creative Writing workshops (in English) and work with a venue where I can also develop and host various literary initiatives, salons, writing surgeries, events, readings, shows, happenings etc, the kind of thing I am doing here.
Any contacts are greatly appreciated ;)) Please comment here or email me on:
Thanks and please pass this blog and also: to anyone who you think might be helpful or interested!

Lia Saile and her work with W Ü S T E N

Lia is on her last day here in Cairo and what a lovely resident she has been!  Although, I have hardly seen her as she has been so busy with the W Ü S T E N project with her colleagues Nela Adams, Marcel Saegesser and Anna Schoels.  Lia's work was to video document and take photographs of the project and these will be uploaded soon to her tumbler:  and also to the W Ü S T E N page on Facebook:

Here are just some snaps from their work:

 in the White Desert

Saleh Mohamed Mohamed in the performance at Darb 1718

some of the audience at the performance at Darb 1718

Monday, 5 November 2012

New Creative Writing Courses

Creative Writing courses at Diwan Bookstores - Only 1 place left on the Zamalek course!!! Book in soon for next week at Heliopolis!!! *All details for how to register on the poster

Saturday, 3 November 2012

WUSTEN Project and the New Resident Artist!

Well, Lia (Saille, the new resident artist has been here for 3 days and very lovely it is too!  She is making good use of the workspace and the creative activity feels wonderfully dynamic.  She is currently making video and photographic documentation of the project she is involved with with her colleagues and that project is outlined below here as they have a performance this Tuesday 6th November at Darb 1718 and are looking for performers/dancers/musicians who would like to be involved!  Read on:

PERFORMERS / MUSICIANS needed for an artistic experiment!
Tuesday, 6th November 5pm, Darb 1718

We - three artists from Germany and Switzerland: Marcel, Anna, Nela - are looking for dancers/performers and musicians (instrumentalists) to join us for one evening. 

Three elements - movement, sound an installation- will clash.

If you want to experience this experiment directly come on
Tuesday, the 6th november, 5pm to Darb 1718 (, artistic center. 

There we will try out a performative/dance structure, with different tasks for everyone.
After a break we will put the elements (music/sound, installation, dance/performance) together and show everything at 8pm. 

No professional dance backround needed, but good to have some awareness of your body. 

Interested? please call us or write an email:

marcel saegesser: 01016830772

Attached you find our information-flyer. Thank you for consideration!