Friday, 12 March 2010

New News

Hello, World!

Yesterday I met with Amira and accompanied her on one of her walks for her project. We met at 6pm and a dusty wind was granulating through the streets; a contrast to the stationary heat that day. I think I was too preoccupied by all the things I have to do to fully 'be' on the walk but it was lovely to step out of the clamour of downtown and onto Zamalek and relative quiet. Remmember you can keep up with Amira's walk via her web page.

Other than this I have been working with my writing groups (see my other page for more personal info: ) and then next Saturday two potters from Cornwall; Thomasina Bates and Roland Bence arrive for one week's residency and then the Saturday after Theopisti Stylianou,a Cypriot photographer, and her writer husband will come for two weeks. They will be followed by Anne Devine and Tinka Bechert who will work throughout April on their project involving walking and text inspired by the Giza plateau. Then May brings a family of four who will be exploring Cairo for two weeks as part of a grand tour.

Busy times ahead indeed!

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