Sunday, 24 April 2011

I Am the Egg Man, I Am the Walrus

Hello World!

It's Egg Day for some - myself I don't celebrate anything other than birthdays and Life in general - but whatever turns you on (albeit non harmful to others) I hope you're having a groovy time ;)

So.. what of today? Well, it's a fresh and lovely day here in Cairo and I am trying to work my way through my list of tasks but keep avoiding the biggest one which is to create a new website for Creative Writing online; so that people can follow my tutorials from anywhere and have a forum to share ideas. Across the work table is Ismail who has just returned from Libya and is editing his photographs (war photojournalism) and I had one peppermint tea and one coffee so far and am now thinking about pasta and aubergine/pepper/tomato sauce.. yes you can see how productive things are today at ARC :))

BUT - actually things are happening - upcoming events are:

Up On The Roof - Open Stage Night at Darb 1718 May 5th 7.30pm

The Hothouse - a new multi discipline artistic initiative - a cooperative company (much more on this soon!)

New Creative Writing courses at Diwan and Darb 1718


I didn't get the funding to go to Romania :( but I am thinking of either going to Siwa and hanging in the alchemy of the desert oasis or swimming with Dugongs in Sinai.. hmmmmmm..

Bye for now! Xs

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

(Definite) Article

Tings are BUSY!!!! But here is an article on me and what's happening, out today!!!