Saturday, 26 February 2011

New Resident Artist

Dear World

Well, ARC is currently listening to some Linton Kwesi Johnson and taking in that strong upright spirit as there are more fun and games with the post-revolution situation here and an ongoing massacre in Libya.

However.. creativity happens and we are looking forward to our next resident artist arriving in a few days; Monika Nguyen - a stage designer and artist from Austria working in the fields of spatial installation and photography.

More soon!!!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Revolution & Rabbits

Mabrook Masr!!!!! Aiwa, Masr Horreya!!!!!!

Congratulations Egypt, yes free Egypt!!!

And hello World :-)

Well here I am, still here in Cairo and watching the post Mubarak events unfold.

Friday night (after Mubarak was ousted by the military coup) was one of the most amazingly happy occasions of my life! I have never been amongst so much happiness. It was insane downtown due to the crowds and celebration but a remarkable event.

Well here I am, still here in Cairo and watching the events unfold. For more of a personal account of the revolution please go to my personal ARC page on:

So, we are awaking each day to a new Egypt; unfortunately the events here meant that several artists could not come; Madeleine Aleman and Florin Dan Prodan will hopefully join us later in the year. Florin has kindly invited me to the Borsec arts residency in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania to take part in their arts festival in May; so I shall be applying for funding and hopefully stepping foot in that amazing country.

Everyday life here seems to be returning to a reasonable normality; we can move around the city, curfew is greatly lifted and many venues are opening again. This means arts events can begin once more; my creative writing classes are now fully back on track and I will be staging the postponed open stage night 'Up On the Roof' soon at Darb 1718; Revolution Roof & Rabbits!!! :-))