Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Full Moon

The full moon looks so sublime; even in the city's skies; it transcends the urbanity.

Today I start the new writing course at Darb 17 18 and it is fully booked so that is wonderful!

Tomorrow I will meet with Diwan bookstore who are interested in me delivering writing classes from their stores and I am also working on a project to deliver to the British Council which will be working with emerging female Egyptian writers towards live literature and printed material.

This Friday sees the arrival of a family of four from Cornwall; Adam Roberts is on a round the world gap year with his sister and their parents will join them here at ARC for just over two weeks. So it will be a busy household!!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Show

Sooooooo.. last night was the show at Darb 17 18 and it was great to be on stage in Cairo and also to be doing my Cairo track here!!! I hope to get hold of some of the photos taken of my show last night and I will post some up. The exhibition itself at Darb is great and I will go back to see it properly later this week; ohhh actually I will be there Wednesday as I start tutoring the new Creative Writing course that will be taking place there each week. After the show I had some vodkas and then went on to party at Cairo Jazz Club with a big bunch of friends and artists. I got to bed about 3.30am and then had to get up before my usual early afternoon as I had some things to attend to and Azumi was leaving :-(( She has been an absolute adorable resident and we had some lovely times. She wrote in the guest book that she now feels inspired to work on her novel; so Cairo has given her some fire. My flat is filled with red roses; a 'good luck for the show' from some dear friends. Today should have been class but one student needed to cancel so I will go instead to see a friend and then tonight I will go to a stage play version of 'Death and the Maiden' being put on by a writer/director friend of mine Muhammad Marros at the Rawabet Theatre, Downtown. Later this week I have my Tuesday class, then begin the new course at Darb on Wednesday, I need to work on the project outline for the British Council and then on Friday the next four residents arrive for a stay of 16 nights!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

New Writing Courses

I am now collecting registrations for people interested in joining 3 new courses. Please note that the Creative Writing Course (the 1st one listed) will be held on Mondays at 12noon and start in early May, so please register for this one as soon as possible:

Creative Writing Course

The 10 week Creative Writing course will look at various techniques and exercises to open up & improve writing writing skills, work with metaphor and imagery, create texts and narratives to given themes and word counts as well as free writing. The end goal will be to write a 1000 word short story. One session a week for 10 weeks. Maximum 10 people per class.

Monologue and Short Plays in Various Formats

We look at the format of writing monologue and plays for stage, screen and radio and how to capture a character's authentic voice, find the central message of the text and prepare it for presentation.

Live Presentation of Written Word

For bringing developed pieces of text to performance level; working on voice, rhythm, projection, stance and movement, character, direction, subsequent re-writes and edits from further developing the pieces.

Private Study

Working one to one with individuals on their personal goals and creative writing projects eg: novel, short story, poetry, plays.

If interested in any of the above courses please email me on:

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Azumi is here!

Azumi arrived yesterday and last night we went out downtown, saw a good Romanian film at the French Institute, ate fuul and tameya, and later drank Omar Khayyam and discussed literature and life until 4am. I finally found out the correct way to pronounce one of my favourite writer's names; Haruki Murakami but have only now half remembered. Other news is that I will be having several interesting meetings this week.. more news later.. but let's say I hope they lead to expansion for ARC. Ohhhh and don't forget my show at Darb 17 18 on Saturday 24th!!!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Busy Bee Creative Bee

My day started with a giant bee coming in through the open windows! A lovely and hopeful sign :-)

ARC is looking forward to receiving Azumi Hasegawa, a Japanese writer, on Saturday for her stay of one week. Her arrival will be into a flurry of activity; as there will be a small party happening for the students who have just completed the 10 week writing course.

Over the next three days I am devoting my time to memorising my set for my performance at Darb 17 18. I will happen to go see a few films though also :-) This time it is Italian cinema over at the Italian Institute.

The next few weeks will be busy; not just with residents and the show but also setting up several new writing courses; privately and also one that will take place at Darb 17 18 on Wednesday evenings and a meeting with the British Council and getting links and support for some longer term projects that I am setting up to work with emerging Egyptian female writers.

Inshallah!!!! :-)

Now to work!!!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Performance at DARB 17 18

Hello everyone

Sooooooo.. Theopisti and Sheridan left yesterday after 11 days; it was a pleasure having them here and Theopisti accomplished a lot during her time. Azumi doesn't arrive until 17th, so the interim time is going to be busy with organising new writing classes and NEW NEWS FRESH OFF THE PRESS... I have a performance at Darb 17 18 on the 24th April for the opening party of SPLIT; the new show at Darb. I will be performing some existing work and writing new pieces and have to find a guitarist to work with on few numbers. It will be an exciting night! The opening parties at Darb are always fantastic and busy. Then at the end of April I will be running writing classes from Darb twice weekly; Mondays and Wednesday evenings.

Anyway.. I have a private student in a few hours and have to read through her work and then I have class tonight and need to prepare the lesson. Tomorrow I will go to Darb and talk about the performance and then go over to Artellewa and see what that's all about!

Bye for now!!!!