Monday, 28 June 2010

Good Morning, Cairo

Well it's a rather hot morning actually, perhaps the temperatures are creeping, or rather zooming, back up to their 40s.

Aikaterina and her friend Elena got up super early and went to Alexandria for a short trip; they will look around the city and I put them in touch with an artist who also runs an arts organisation there.

Marte is currently pet sitting for a lady who has gone back to UK for one month. She is down the road in a 16th floor sumptious pad with dance studio and views across the city.

Two Norwegian girls arrive tomorrow for a short stay of 3 nights; they are both dancers and are here to network and absorb the place where Raqs Sharqi came from.

The balcony is pretty much done, although I still have to get cushions. I will upload new photos soon!

Other than all this I have been teaching writing class, editing for the newspaper, seeing some excellent dance over at the Egyptian Modern Dance Festival, having some very cosmic times with lovely friends and certain sages, writing some new work and feeling the full moon eclipse energy.

Time for peppermint tea I think!

Monday, 7 June 2010

New artist in residence: Aikaterini Gegisian

Aikaterini Gegisian, a mixed media artist of Greek nationality and currently living in Bristol, England will be the next artist in residence to visit ARC throughout June.

Please take a look at her work: or click on the link to her on the left side of this posting.

Marte Kjoell, a Norwegian Raqs Sharqi dancer continues with her long stay residency at ARC and will be performing at the Nile Dance Festival from 14th June at Pyramisa Hotel, Dokki, Cairo.

An Article on Me in This Month's Community Times!!!

Please take a look at this feature on me after an interview with Sankalita Shome.

New Creative Writing Course at Diwan!!!

Creative Writing Course

By Linda Cleary

4 weeks (8 hour course)

One session per week (2 hour session) on Mondays

Starting Monday 14th June

Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm

In Diwan Maadi

Maximum 10 people per class

Price: 420 L.E

Please register in your nearest Diwan branch

The 4 week Creative Writing course will act as an extended masterclass looking at various techniques and exercises to open up and improve writing skills, work with metaphor and imagery, create texts and narratives to given themes and word counts, as well as free writing.
There is no criteria other than a willingness to open up one's writing; the course is designed that people of varying writing experience can participate and each draw their individual benefits.

On completion of the first course other short courses available such as:

Writing a short story, Monologue and short plays in various formats, Presentation of written word, Work on review and critique, and Poetry