Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Rooftops, Fire & Leopard Spots

Last night I went to the Rooftop Studio downtown with mon amour and the two resident artists staying here at the moment; Thomasina and Roland. It was a Collaborative Multichannel Video Installation called 'Windows'in collaboration with the Townhouse and AUC. The space down at (or should I say 'up at')the Rooftop is fantastic; really spacious with a big roof terrace and various indoor studio spaces. Ahmed Hosny, the initiator of this project, and I, talked about mutually beneficial ways of working as the Rooftop has studio space but is non residential and I have residential space but limited studio space. 'Windows' was presented well and gave a feel of something edgy; the Rooftop is one to watch most definitely.

As we were about to leave (wanting beer at Stella bar)I noticed a fire and smoke coming from the roof a building opposite; it was the Hyatt and I have no idea what the story was but it certainly led people's attentions away from the video screens and towards the city skyline!

Next week sees a week of DOGMA films being screened at Darb 1718; an event I am looking forward to attending and the next ArtHome at ARC residents; Theopisti and Sheridan arrive midnight tomorrow; their leopard print bed awaits them!


  1. I wish I could have been @ the opening of 'Windows.' I was a missing member of the project team who was unable to finish due to technical issues in publishing my video on time (hard drive crashed...). My video is up and running now, although I'm not sure how many people will visit as opposed to the opening.

    Anyways, I am very interested in finding a studio space to work in once my contract at AUC is up. So, how does one apply for residency at your venue of expressive fortitude?

  2. Hi, ARC is a residential space for artists to work on projects and use a shared studio space in-house. The Rooftop is a non residential and sizeable studio space and you would need to contact them directly if interested in using a studio there (ARC and Rooftop are 2 seperate organisations). Email me direct on: if you have any more questions or interest.