Wednesday, 26 February 2014

News on Arts Residency Positions

Dear All

As I am sure you are aware, Egypt is going through a rollercoaster and as such questions about the residency are not really answerable since my own position here could change at any time.  I will not be renewing my inclusion with Res Artis network, though the arts residency blog will remain and who knows about the future.  The country is in a mess, there are random times of violence and the conditions are not ideal for a person visiting Egypt for the first time or with little knowledge of the culture.

I do however continue to be very intergrated myself and my Creative Writing course that I deliver  and various literary events continue well (see Writers' Centre link ) and a new literary journal was just launched that I am Editor of  and I continue to produce my own work but I also consider moving later in the year - as the social conditions are getting worse.

So, for now, even though from time to time a person I already know, or one who has had previous exposure to Egypt, may stay, I am not advertising the residency as I do not feel it is a suitable time. 

However, to anyone who is interested - thank you very much and good luck with all that you do! :)

All best for now and do feel free to keep in touch, Linda