Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Cairo Variations

Cairo! If it doesn't kill you it will make you :-)

Thomasina and Roland are on the 3rd day of their residency and yesterday I took them over to Darb 1718 and after looking at the latest exhibition and the art space they then walked around the potters' area (they themselves are potters). They are uncoiling to the pace of Cairo; it can take time; and another hot water plumbing problem here at ARC has been a 1st hand taste for them in Cairo infra-structure and working practice :-)

Theopisti Stylianou - photographer and her husband, Sheridan, a writer arrive Thursday night for a stay of 12 days. You can look at Theopisiti's work on: www.theopisti.com

Last night I went to a dinner hosted by the director of the arts division of the British Council in Cairo and met some great people and built some links for ARC. The wine was also good and a lovely change from my usual Omar Khayyim brand :-)

So... I sit waiting for the plumber.. and working on editing a private student's novel and tonight I have my Tuesday writing class and then an opening show at Rooftop Studio, downtown.

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