All About ARC and How To Apply


Dear All

As I am sure you are aware, Egypt is going through a rollercoaster and as such questions about the residency are not really answerable since my own position here could change at any time.  I will not be renewing my inclusion with Res Artis network, though the arts residency blog will remain and who knows about the future.  The country is in a mess, there are random times of violence and the conditions are not ideal for a person visiting Egypt for the first time or with little knowledge of the culture.

I do however continue to be very intergrated myself and my Creative Writing course that I deliver  and various literary events continue well (see Writers' Centre link ) and a new literary journal was just launched that I am Editor of  and I continue to produce my own work but I also consider moving later in the year - as the social conditions are getting worse.

So, for now, even though from time to time a person I already know, or one who has had previous exposure to Egypt, may stay, I am not advertising the residency as I do not feel it is a suitable time. 

However, to anyone who is interested - thank you very much and good luck with all that you do! :)

All best for now and do feel free to keep in touch, Linda

Previous description:

Dear All

As I am sure you will be aware there have been great changes in Egypt of recent times and the road has been unknown for us all, and in many ways still is.

ArtHome is centrally located in Dokki, just across from Cairo Opera House and the Sheraton Hotel and 2 stops on the metro or a 15 minute walk across the Nile to Downtown.

ArtHome comprises of a 3 bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms, kitchen, living room, drawing/dining/workroom and balcony. The flat is boho chic with original features, chandeliers, Egyptian paintings, wooden floors and a lovely tree outside the balcony. Of the 2 guest bedrooms; one room has a double bed and the other room a single bed (with other beds available if sharing the room), both have wooden floors. The huge guestroom at the front of the premises has its own closed balcony with doors and is mainly being used as a workspace specifically for the visiting artist(s), with their sleeping quarters in the back bedroom; the back bedroom is an ample size and quieter due to its off road position. So essentially you get a bedroom AND your own huge workspace room for your money; unless the residency is fully booked in which case you would use the shared work and living areas.

Internet connection via Wireless is available throughout the flat, though connection can sometimes be temperamental and in that case I have a pay-as-you-go USB Internet stick.

Residents self cater but I do have to mention that the household is vegan; vegetarian products are fine (you are welcome to eat dairy) but no meat or fish is to be brought into the house, consumed inside or stored. I hope this is OK for you and that you understand or can respect that. It is for reasons of love and compassion and also health and safety.

All sheets and towels are provided and my cleaner comes once a week and will clean your room (or not if you prefer), change your sheets and do your laundry.

Guests are not permitted as this is also my home.

*Single male applicants cannot be considered.  Please note: the term single male is not to do with relationship status, it is in terms of this being my home where I live, as this is a very small 'art home stay' project and cultural rules and also normal safety issues mean that only women can stay or a man and woman working together on a project come to stay. 

The cost of accommodation is 120 LE per night per person. Price in Egyptian pounds.


I can link you in with other arts centres and bigger studio space if you felt you needed more space to work other than what is available with me. I am interested to help create links between artists locally and internationally and with venues and centres. I have also just started a new arts initiative 'The Writers' Centre' and I also have Salons in the first days of artists staying at ARC so that they are introduced to the Cairo artistic community and can create links and network.

I am a writer, mainly a poet but currently working more with prose  I also work with film and audio and create performances and installations and I work with art centres in various ways.

For ArtHome there is no application process other than you let me know a bit about yourself and creative practice and what you would work on whilst here. However applicants who are self motivated individuals will benefit the most from their stay. I make Cairo based artistic connections for residents where I can - but it is up to you to follow them. Also residents do well to realise before coming that Cairo is a major city in a developing African country and as such not everything works perfectly here. The culture here is such that everything happens but might not happen when you want; you need to be flexible and adaptable. The original name for the city translated as The Overwhelmer and it is!! But it can also be marvellous!


The ArtHome residency is also my home and intended as a heart centre for developing artistic work and providing a landing mat for those seeking to absorb Cairo and hear its many stories as well an opportunity to be linked in with the art scene.

The recent events in Egypt have brought even more artistic expression to the fore and maybe more than ever this is a place to be.

Art and Solidarity, Linda