Sunday, 25 April 2010

The Show

Sooooooo.. last night was the show at Darb 17 18 and it was great to be on stage in Cairo and also to be doing my Cairo track here!!! I hope to get hold of some of the photos taken of my show last night and I will post some up. The exhibition itself at Darb is great and I will go back to see it properly later this week; ohhh actually I will be there Wednesday as I start tutoring the new Creative Writing course that will be taking place there each week. After the show I had some vodkas and then went on to party at Cairo Jazz Club with a big bunch of friends and artists. I got to bed about 3.30am and then had to get up before my usual early afternoon as I had some things to attend to and Azumi was leaving :-(( She has been an absolute adorable resident and we had some lovely times. She wrote in the guest book that she now feels inspired to work on her novel; so Cairo has given her some fire. My flat is filled with red roses; a 'good luck for the show' from some dear friends. Today should have been class but one student needed to cancel so I will go instead to see a friend and then tonight I will go to a stage play version of 'Death and the Maiden' being put on by a writer/director friend of mine Muhammad Marros at the Rawabet Theatre, Downtown. Later this week I have my Tuesday class, then begin the new course at Darb on Wednesday, I need to work on the project outline for the British Council and then on Friday the next four residents arrive for a stay of 16 nights!

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