Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Busy Bee Creative Bee

My day started with a giant bee coming in through the open windows! A lovely and hopeful sign :-)

ARC is looking forward to receiving Azumi Hasegawa, a Japanese writer, on Saturday for her stay of one week. Her arrival will be into a flurry of activity; as there will be a small party happening for the students who have just completed the 10 week writing course.

Over the next three days I am devoting my time to memorising my set for my performance at Darb 17 18. I will happen to go see a few films though also :-) This time it is Italian cinema over at the Italian Institute.

The next few weeks will be busy; not just with residents and the show but also setting up several new writing courses; privately and also one that will take place at Darb 17 18 on Wednesday evenings and a meeting with the British Council and getting links and support for some longer term projects that I am setting up to work with emerging Egyptian female writers.

Inshallah!!!! :-)

Now to work!!!

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