Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Full Moon

The full moon looks so sublime; even in the city's skies; it transcends the urbanity.

Today I start the new writing course at Darb 17 18 and it is fully booked so that is wonderful!

Tomorrow I will meet with Diwan bookstore who are interested in me delivering writing classes from their stores and I am also working on a project to deliver to the British Council which will be working with emerging female Egyptian writers towards live literature and printed material.

This Friday sees the arrival of a family of four from Cornwall; Adam Roberts is on a round the world gap year with his sister and their parents will join them here at ARC for just over two weeks. So it will be a busy household!!


  1. Is it possible to join the british council's project? and how?


  2. Hi May :-)

    Yes, I am sure you can, when it gets off the ground. These big projects take a long time as it requires funding so it is not fully autonomous as to the 'get go'. I will keep you (and blog readers) informed, for sure! Just had a look at your blog by the way.. brilliant work!