Friday, 25 May 2012

Tree Gazing

Well I am back!!!

See the Road to Ithaca page (link on the left panel) for a summary of my trip back to UK and other more personal accounts of life here in Cairo. Here, I shall just say 'I AM HAPPY TO BE HOME', by which I mean Cairo.

And already the rollercoaster started moving! With a new Creative Writing course that started Tuesday at Diwan and has 14 students (we are getting so consistently busy over there!) and a Short Story course starting this Saturday at Diwan, 3 other courses are booked in for starting in next weeks at 2 other venues, I hope to start collaborating in some way with El Mesa7a Cultural Centre which is just on my doorstep YAY!!! and of course I have the Writers' Centre to keep working with, expanding and nurturing.

Jenna and Keith, the two artists in residence extended their stay here at ARC (they are here until early June) and completed what sounded like a very successful project at the Townhouse Gallery, downtown. I have several enquiries from artists wishing to come July onwards and am also now looking at a bigger and separate space for artists to stay and work - so it is ALL going on! :)

Meanwhile the tree is spitting dry seed pods down onto the street and balconies, every short while one hears this eruption of crackle, snap and pop, sometimes in falling popcorn bursts.

Ahhh Cairo, I am glad to be home ♥


  1. :( I always hear about the classes a few weeks after they begin! is there any list to sign up to or mailing list to join?

  2. there is a new Creative Writing course starting at Diwan Heliopolis on Tuesday 26th June. Please send me an email and I will add you to the mailout database and send you the information on this and future courses. My email is: