Saturday, 5 May 2012


Dear All

I hope you are all shining*

Let me focus on some recent accomplishments; I have created the Writers' Centre and I have been continuing delivering a plethora of creative writing workshops, see below posts for all details. Jenna Crowder and Keith Lane, the two resident artists (see side panel for links on 'Other Pages'), have been staying for the month and will stay through to mid June, whilst they deliver workshops at the Townhouse.

The balcony continues to delight with its flowers of pink, green and yellow and the beautiful tree and birds that continue to soothe my days somewhat.

I will depart next week for a short trip to UK and then return to launch various new courses, events and initiatives - so keep watching!

All best, Linda ;))


  1. How does on apply to the program? is there and application available online?


  2. Hi Kawasi, all info9rmation is given in the All About ARC page (click on tab above). Thanks, Linda