Friday, 1 March 2013

All Happening!

Dear World

Well, there are SO many things happening it is as ever hard to find the time to update the blogs properly; and yes blogs as in plural as there is a lot going on now with the Writers' Centre as you can read on the posts below and please do go check out that blog  :))

I am still looking for a writers' residency for myself for summer; for either June/July or July/August.  So far I have looked at several places in Berlin and how I wish there was somewhere in Paris!!!!  So, if any of you lovely people know of a residency that you think would accept for me to stay in return for me running some courses or helping in some way then please do let me know!!! Or if you know of a residency that is affordable let me know too, as leaving Cairo and living outside of Egypt for a while is a bit of a shock monetarily!  ;))

Spring always feels such a hopeful time and I am looking forward to all the flowers of creativity that are opening their colours :))

Bisou for now!  Linda

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