Friday, 1 March 2013

A New Home for the Writers' Centre!!!

I am very pleased to announce that after a long and winding road the Writers' Centre has found a new home at El Mesa7a Arts & Culture Center, Dokki.

All writers and interested people will be able to drop in and use the space to write, share, network, have a coffee - each and every Tuesday starting February 19th from 1pm to 9pm.

There will be a 10 LE minimum donation request for each 'drop in visit' to help with expenses, but you can stay for as long as the space is open.

There will also be a Tuesday 'event programme' which will be a mix of free and paid events – details will be given as the schedule is put together and will consist of : writing surgeries, workshops, day trips, readings, performances, film scereenings and open mic.

The Writers' Centre will also start a small library, which I hope will grow over time with donations of books.

Sundays at El Mesa7a hosts a programme of Creative Writing courses – see the blog for all details.

Looking forward to seeing YOU!!! :)))

Go check out the blog!!!  Even better come check US out for real ;))

The Writers' Centre

open Tuesdays only
1pm to 9pm


10 Okasha Street, Dokki

round the side from
El Mesa7a Art & Culture Center
13 El-Mesaha St. Dokki, Gizah

(if you can't find us then ask at El Mesa7a Art & Culture Center)


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