Friday, 9 November 2012

Lia Saile and her work with W Ü S T E N

Lia is on her last day here in Cairo and what a lovely resident she has been!  Although, I have hardly seen her as she has been so busy with the W Ü S T E N project with her colleagues Nela Adams, Marcel Saegesser and Anna Schoels.  Lia's work was to video document and take photographs of the project and these will be uploaded soon to her tumbler:  and also to the W Ü S T E N page on Facebook:

Here are just some snaps from their work:

 in the White Desert

Saleh Mohamed Mohamed in the performance at Darb 1718

some of the audience at the performance at Darb 1718


  1. Hey Linda,
    long time no hear, hope all is super well, had sent an email to you a few weeks ago to say hi and see how you are :-D
    best regards from Vienna,

  2. Hi Lia! Lovely to hear from you! :)) I never got your email!! Can you please re-send? How are you??? Let's take this to email and catch up :)) Xs