Friday, 17 December 2010

My One Year Anniversary With Cairo

Wellllllllll, today marks one year that I have been in Cairo and I am still happy to be here! Elhamdulillah!!! :-))

I am genuinely pleased to feel that I have succeeded in my goals; of course there is onward expansion and so much more I want to achieve but essentially I came to Cairo to expand my own creativity, to write and to hang out with writers and artists. And this is what I have been doing and still am. There have been several down times along the way, but mostly it has been and still is a good and groovy thing.

My aims with ARC are continuing to bear fruit; I hope the next year sees a bigger residence with the ability to take more people at one time and on-site or near sited bigger workshop space. Also to be able to get funding, so that selected artists can receive an actual stipend to come. I understand so much now about what kind of people benefit the most here; they are self motivated artists who are not looking for 5 star comfort but understand that Cairo can offer them so much experience and inspiration but that it is a developing African city and all that that means.

I will continue to run writing course, adding new courses to the menu and also running the associated events such as Salon and Open Stage. I also want this next year to see production of writers' monologues on stage, screen and radio. I continue to be blessed with wonderful students who emerge as talented writers and often blow me out of the water with their work.

My own work will continue, with my continued foray into prose as well as poetry and performance and gigs with my band. I want continued creative exposure, opportunity and outlets.

I have had several heart relationships this last year and I see this year with me having a steady, beautiful, nurturing and consistent relationship.

Other than this - to continue to be in this crazy city of constant change and be open to receiving and keep on giving - Oh yes, that alchemical circuit!!!!

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