Friday, 10 December 2010

All GoGo

Yes, it's been all go as usual.. and another long period of time has elapsed since last posting!

Sooooo.. there have now been three Up On The Roof events at CAV, each one being well attended and new work being platformed. The next one will be the first Thursday in January.

Christian Schink, the photographer and ARC resident left us Monday morning and last night Ana Cruz Blanco arrived, she is currently beside me eating pizza :-) Ana intends to study dance during her stay and generally get into Cairo life.

The novelist Sherry Jones and the classical composer Robert Spittal will arrive on 25th of this month for a stay of 12 days, you can read about them via their sites linked to the left of here. Sherry will be giving a talk and reading at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 28 at Al Kotob Khan bookstore.

Other than this I am soon to be running more new courses, more gigs with my fab band, will be working towards a performance of new monologues and plays, hosting salons, writing, eating, going on feluccas and kissing pandas..

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