Saturday, 16 October 2010

In The Land of the Lotus Eaters

Dear World

Is it really so many days since I last posted?? Time, as I have said before, is another reality here. And neither an enchantment nor a bind. Just another dimension.

Well, I have been sick for over two weeks now :( I came back from the fantastically successful Fayoum residency and got an ear infection, then a weird neck rash, and absolute physical and emotional exhaustion. At the same time I was starting 3 new writing courses and launching the first Up On The Roof event. So.. these last weeks have been busy professionally (and successful) but personally a bit challenging. I have cancelled seeing some very dear friends several times due to my exhaustion and illness. Anyway, I will be better soon, inshallah *

New news in brief:

- 3 new creative writing courses underway
- a fabulously attended first Up On The Roof open stage night and people already on the waiting list for the next on 4th November
- Marte has been back for some weeks and is still in Danceworld
- some collaborations coming up joining ARC other arts organisations here; a meeting with one today
- the launch of Salon BonBon; a monthly writers' and artists' salon
- the launch of Cairo Writers

and more and more and more :-)

Stay tuned!

Ahhhhh.. and the post title... I just LOVE that story; on the journey to Ithaca...

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