Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Harvest Moon

Hello World!!!

Ahhhhhhh - and I am resurfacing at full moon, harvest moon in fact, bounty, riches, fruits - inshallah!!!!

It is SO busy.. I have lists in triplicate. So let's ring the changes:

Dearest darling Marte has left for Alexandria and I shall be going on mini trips to see her. She got a lucrative deal and can now shimmy away in her Sahars; I am so happy for her but miss her tooooooooooo!!!!!

The first oasis course happens this weekend and I am taking the 10 participants to Fayoum for 3 days of creativity and natural surroundings - exciting!!!

I will then come back and the week after start a busy autumn of 5 Creative Writing courses, Open Stage night, Film Night and more!!!

Various artists are booked in to ARC throughout the following months; more details soon.

I may also be taking part in a festival in Alexandria which will take place in Cavafy's house; the very writer who wrote The Road to Ithaca!!! I am VERY excited about this prospect!

For now.. it is coffee and sorting out exercises for the oasis and awaiting my lovely friend Lorna who will visit between her dance shows on the Nile.

Enjoy the moon XXX

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