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Oasis Residential Creative Writing Courses

Creative Writing Courses
Residential courses in Fayoum

The Place
The courses take place at Sobek lodge, Tunis village, Fayoum.
Sobek Lodge is an ideal Western Desert Gateway situated in the quiet and picturesque village of Tunis in Fayoum, 104 km from Cairo, surrounded by Olive and Palm Grows, melding smoothly into the breathtaking surroundings of the Western Desert.
As well as daily classes, you will receive accommodation and two meals per day. Sobek Lodge is a wonderful place to 'just be'. You can explore the village around the lodge such as the Pottery School and walk to the lake and the orchards and also choose a number of optional extras such as: desert excursion, horse and camel riding, waterfalls, Whale Valley excursion and on-site reflexology and massage treatments.

The Courses

3 Day Course in Creative Writing – LE 1000
An extended masterclass looking at various techniques and exercises to open up and improve writing skills, work with metaphor and imagery, create texts and narratives to given themes and word counts as well as free writing.
There is no criteria other than a willingness to open up one's writing; the course is designed that people of varying writing experience can participate and each draw their individual benefits.

5 Day Course in Creative Writing and Writing a Short Story – LE 1700
*the Creative Writing course with an added section of : working with further expansion techniques, reading published short stories for discussion and understanding format and focusing on the necessary elements to produce a final draft of a 1000 word narrative.

5 Day Course in Monologue and Short Plays in Various Formats – LE 1700
We look at the format of writing monologue and plays for stage, screen and radio and how to capture a character's authentic voice, find the central message of the text and prepare it for presentation.

Please note other residential courses are also available in;

Presentation of written word; bringing developed pieces of text to peformance level; working on voice, rhythm, projection, stance and movement, character, direction, re-writes and edits.

Work on review and critique; getting past our own opinions to be able to appreciate what is valuable. We read several published texts for discussion and written comment and explore the steps to be able to review and critique work. Participants can also apply this to their own work.

Poetry; from a plethora of ages and movements. We discuss content and form and work on writing poetry that emulates certain styles as well as looking at one's own poetic expression and the form, rhythm and imagery that it takes.

The Tutor
Linda Cleary is a poet - writer – performer, originally from UK. She has been delivering workshops in creative writing, related arts and theatre for many years; working in Holland, Czech Republic, Australia, UK and Egypt and is currently the director of an artists' residency in Cairo.

Her own performance poetry and style has been seen as unique, strong, raw and challenging; 'Powerful, uncompromising, rhythmic verse. Tough, lyrical beauty. Packs poetic punches with aching sensitivity. A unique new voice. If you need a comparison, think; a young Joolz Denby, laced with Patti Smith overtones.' (Apples&Snakes – UK)

For all information and booking contact Linda Cleary

email: lindawildfire@hotmail.com


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