Sunday, 18 July 2010

Astro Drama in Cairo

Hello World, how are you?

Here in Cairo things tend to be Cairo-centric and we are in the time of NOW all the time. I've never known a place like it. I thought that I would be stepping into a quieter time as my Diwan and Darb courses came to a close and Ramadan approaches but actually things are moving along at break neck speed all the same. This Wednesday I will start tutoring a monologue and short play course and next Monday I will begin a short story course at Diwan, then I am still organising the residential oasis courses and today I met with Massar Lodge, Maadi and arranged to start an astro drama course; looking at the power of the planets and goddess archetypes in our lives and how we can use them to empower ourselves (details to be posted soon).

I will also be continuing to work with private students and small groups in novel writing.

On top of this I am writing an article with Talal Faisal, a journalist for Al Dustour paper and a novelist.

Aikaterina, one of the artists in residence, is in Alex at the moment and will return Tuesday for a day then leave for Greece Wednesday. Marte, the dancer in residence, will be going to do some cat sitting end of this week and then will hopefully return because we love her :-)

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