Friday, 1 January 2010

First Artists Arriving

Dear All

We are very pleased to announce that our first artists will be arriving tomorrow night; Maurizio Murgia; an italian percussionist who plays Egyptian and Brasilian drums and has studied with an Egyptian master; Tarek Awad Alla. Maurizio plays ancient music, sometimes for theatre and has a a project called SimbiotiKa, with another percussionist,a pianist and a singer. He is accompanied by his partner.

We are still making the final decisions on the stipend awards but we have invited several artists to take up residency to make other projects and I will post details of all awards and invited artists very soon. So keep checking in!!!


  1. i just wrote up a blog to recommend ARC to my readers... then it wiped itself before i could publish it. will reattempt in the morning- guessing 5am isn't my best time of the day/night !!!

    Have managed to add a link from my blog!

  2. Thanks, Lorna!!! Great idea!!! Yes, let's link!!!