Sunday, 24 January 2010

Awards List 2010: "Without further ado..."

Dear All

First of all we wish to thank all applicants for your time and effort in applying to ARC for a stipend award. As I believe you are aware, there were many high calibre applications for the two full 2010 stipend awards and the selection process was not easy. Due to the volume of applicants we decided to also award some other types of awards and we have also chosen two artists to be the recipients of two part stipend offers. We also decided to award several discounted places.

Once again we wish to thank everyone that applied and wish you all the most success with your deserving work. In a perfect world all artists would receive the funding, support and recognition to enable them to blossom; if your name does not appear below please do not see it as a reflection of your skill and talent.

ARC, as some of you know, has been going through some re-structuring. We decided however to honour ALL awards made; for if an artist cannot be truthful to vision; who can?? ARC is at present a non-funded residency and therefore is suspending any decision on further stipends for 2011 until much later in 2010; so no more enquiries please until you see a posting!

ARC will be operating on a booking in structure; artist rates are very affordable and living costs are low. Contact me for all information and prices and come and create!!!

The 2010 Awards list follows:

The two full one month stipend artists selected are:

Laila R.El-Sissi – writer
Aikaterina Gegisian – multi media artist

The two 14 day part stipend artists selected are:

Theopisti Stylianou - photographer
Santa Spilberga – photographer

The artists awarded residency via separate deals due to inclusion of artistic partners are:

Anne Devine – visual artist

Tavia La Follette – Performance Art

BiNeural – MonoKultur – Performance artists

The artists awarded 50% discounts are:

Zaynab Hassim – ceramicist & poet

Andrew Salgado – painter

Amira Hanafi – poet & artist

Andrea Inocencio – Performance artist

Kelly Warman – writer/performance artist

Marie Francoise Theodore – writer/screenwriter

Jennifer Martin – painter

We wish you ALL creative wellness!

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