Sunday, 12 August 2012

New Artist in Residence!

Hello World! 

How are you?  Are you OK?  It all seems a bit crazy these days doesn't it.. with all these people fighting all the time, destroying each other and the land, doing all kinds of lunatic stuff and so little compassion.  Ah well, we can only continue with our little worlds, doing the best we can, keeping creativity and life as our light.

And so.. we are very pleased to say that there is still life at ARC and in fact after a slow Ramadan start where it felt as if all activity had ceased the ball is now very firmly rolling!  There are many Creative Writing courses being rolled out over the next months (see all adverts as they get posted) and the Dutch writer Saskia Konniger will be coming for a week's residence at the beginning of October, as she is currently writing her new book and needs some space and an environment to do so.

There are other enquiries also and once they are confirmed I will post details of other visiting artists.

Meanwhile we have 6 days left of Ramadan and then we will have the crazy Eid for 3 days and then ahhhhhhh we can all get back to 'normal' - whatever normal is in this city!

Keep posted!  :)))

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