Saturday, 25 February 2012

The Tree of Life

Hmmm, contented sigh as I sit on the balcony which is finally filling with warmth after these cold days in Cairo that have gone for too long and loving the tree that spreads across the street.

I haven't written a blog entry for a long time, as each day is full of activity; editing and running a plethora of Creative Writing courses with 3 a week currently taking place at Diwan and one a week at Darb 1718.

AND a new course is soon to run at Left Bank cafe, bakery, bookstore - owned by Sequoia restaurant and with an amazing modern design right on the Nile. See above post for details.

And not least the prime goal this last while has been to find a place for my new good thing: The Writers' Centre - a place for events, readings, courses, salons, surgeries, hang out, networking, chill space, private library. And there will be a membership with benefits or pay as you go and some things will be free. This centre will bring together all my activities into one space and also allow collaboration and outreach. Details as soon as it all goes through..

I am also setting up HOME - a British Egyptian real estate company for rental, buying and selling. This is with my partner Shady Mohamed who has been working a as broker in Cairo for over 2 years and has already helped find various artists longer term accommodation or studio space in the city. I'm still working on the blog but take a look! ;)

Yes, spring is arriving and all is rising - the return of Up On the Roof (open mic night), creative writing courses, The Writers' Centre, HOME real estate, and more artists asking to work on projects at ARC.

I think I need more tea ;))

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