Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Hothouse بيت الفن

Good afternoon, World! Sabah el eshta ya Donya!

Ahhhhhh the things on my list are never ending!!! I need a secretary, begad, really! Sooooo, the Hothouse is happening - a multi discipline artistic cooperative currently with a start base of about 20 artists and growing, like jungle flowers :)

We have had 2 meetings so far and already there are numerous projects beginning and a lot of networking happening - it is all exciting, wonderful and expansive.

The Hothouse will compliment the residency as it allows a total immersion (if desired) into the Cairo art scene. NOW is the time :)

Other than this; courses at Diwan, at Darb 1718, Up On the Roof Open Mic event, my own writing (!!) and developing the company with an Egyptian partner with outreach in Alex.

There are enquiries from a number of highly interesting artists looking at staying at ARC in July and then in September onwards, as August is taken up here with Ramadan - a time when the city more or less closes down, practically everyone is fasting and arts events are not available.

Soooo, come to ARC and be part of the flowering! :)

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