Saturday, 21 August 2010

Aywa to Cairo

Hello Beautiful People!

Well, another stretch of time has elapsed since my last post. I have truly stepped into the time paradigm of Cairo and life is as busy as ever.

I thought Ramadan would be quiet but I have been running a new course at Diwan, a monologue and short play course privately and also a novel writing workshop as well as my own writing and social situations.

I am now in the process of preparing several new courses to run at Diwan, Darb 1718 and a residential course at Sobek Lodge, Fayoum. And continuing with private students working on their own novels, monologues, plays and other writing.

Arts Residency Cairo is still hosting Marte Kjoell, the dancer, and soon to welcome Susan Vanhinsbergh, a life coach from England. Later in the autumn we will be saying hello to several international artists and writers; details to be posted soon.

We have been truly happy to have spent some time these last weeks in the presence of Mamoun Eltlib and Mazin Mustafa; two Sudanese writers of prominence.

Aywa to Cairo, aywa to Life :-))

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