Sunday, 23 May 2010


Soooooo... hello hello hello :-)) Well it is all go in Cairo, as ever. I am now running 5 writing courses a week as well as private students and working towards a project to facilitate Egyptian women fusing text with image. Apart from this life continues to dance (see my personal ARC blog page via the link opposite and I have two more gigs coming up on 3rd and 4th June.

The writer Seni Seneviratne is coming to stay from 31st May and at the same time Amira Hanafi is returning for a few weeks along with a poet friend of hers; so we will be a house of poets! I organised a reading for Seni and then decided to get some other poets involved and myself and then managed to get 2 gigs;

Poetry Reading by:

- Seni Seneviratne (Sri Lanka - England)
- Linda Cleary (England)
- Amira Hanafi (Egypt-USA)
- Marwa Abu Daif (Egypt)
- Mohamed Salem Obada (Egypt)

3rd June at Diwan Heliopolis 7pm

4th June at Darb 1718 Fustat Old Cairo 7pm

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