Sunday, 28 February 2010

Moving In Day

I am sat here with my red polka dot suitcase and a very large other one (that I cannot possibly move) and various other bags and boxes... waiting for mon amour and we will go to the new flat!!! Yes, it is Moving In Day.. finally!!! I am excited and also a bit nervous and thinking about the things I have to buy to prepare the place for guests and to beautify it.. oh I love ambience and aesthetics.. my Venusian leanings.. The long awaited one week lie in however looks set to be interrupted here and there.. the telephone man comes tomorrow (possibly in the morning which could be tricky as I don't 'do' mornings so much anymore and also the doorbell is a very lovely rush of light bird song.. not so audible me thinks!) and the first guest arrives at ARC on Tuesday!!! Amira Hanafi, an American Egyptian poet/photographer/artist: So.. I need to at least get bedsheets and towels for one!!! (and then of course do a 'big shop' soon). Other than this I will be starting two new creative writing classes as from week beginning March 7th.. so it's all go go go!!! Inshallah :-))

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