Wednesday, 26 February 2014

News on Arts Residency Positions

Dear All

As I am sure you are aware, Egypt is going through a rollercoaster and as such questions about the residency are not really answerable since my own position here could change at any time.  I will not be renewing my inclusion with Res Artis network, though the arts residency blog will remain and who knows about the future.  The country is in a mess, there are random times of violence and the conditions are not ideal for a person visiting Egypt for the first time or with little knowledge of the culture.

I do however continue to be very intergrated myself and my Creative Writing course that I deliver  and various literary events continue well (see Writers' Centre link ) and a new literary journal was just launched that I am Editor of  and I continue to produce my own work but I also consider moving later in the year - as the social conditions are getting worse.

So, for now, even though from time to time a person I already know, or one who has had previous exposure to Egypt, may stay, I am not advertising the residency as I do not feel it is a suitable time. 

However, to anyone who is interested - thank you very much and good luck with all that you do! :)

All best for now and do feel free to keep in touch, Linda

Sunday, 9 June 2013

All Things In Good Time

Dear All

The phrase 'all things in good time' is rather at odds with this city and yet at the same time completely correct - rather like 'inshallah' in some ways; an acceptance that something is coming but not quite yet.  Kind of.  Not exactly ;)  In fact the two phrases have vast differences!  The first is not dependent on any belief, the second is if God wills it - although after living here for some time as I have one says the phrase even as an athiest  Anyway without getting tied up in sayings.. please go to my Writers' Centre blog update to catch up on the latest news which pertains to ARC also - as it's all me ;)

Click here:

 Bye for now!!!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Creative Writing courses in June!

Creative Writing courses in June! Last ones before Ramadan. Starting Sundays 9th June in Diwan Heliopolis and Tuesdays 11th June in Diwan Zamalek. All details on poster. To register go into store where course will be held and give name and payment in advance. Places go quick!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Creative Writing Workshops in Florence - July 2013

Florence anyone? And the 2nd workshop mentioned in the advert will appeal to those who have worked with me before - as this is a new one! and will lead to an installation work 'The Reality of Imagination' - a workshop leading to exhibition.  And if you want to book me for Paris, Berlin, Rome, St Petersburg, NY or any other cool place - please go right ahead :)

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Creative Writing Course - starts this Saturday 18th at Diwan Heliopolis

Starts this Saturday 18th at Diwan Heliopolis ;)  Register in the store in advance.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Creative Writing Courses at Diwan in May

Important change of date to Heliopolis course! The Heliopolis course will now start Saturday 18th May - register in advance to ensure your name is booked in.  (The Zamalek course starts as planned on 13th but yesterday there were only 2 places left on that course so get booked in there fast!)  :)

Register in advance at the store that you wish to take the course in; and be aware that places go fast!

All details are on the poster - but remember the Heliopolis date is now changed to 18th!: